Placemaking in a Post COVID-19 World

As social distancing becomes the norm, the need to rethink the physical layout of our cities is becoming evident.  Here are a couple of articles that discuss and demonstrate the need for intentional placemaking, and why it is more important than ever. 

Why Now is the Time to Get Intentional About Placemaking
Seattle is Preparing for Life After COVID-19 with Permanent Street Closures (thanks to Jim Diers for sharing).
Transformative Placemaking Amid COVID-19: Early stories from the field (this article has lots of links to stories and examples).
Rethinking the Needs of a Post Pandemic City (this opinion piece by Jeffrey Hou of ‘The Seattle Times’ contemplates the transformation of cities post COVID-19 – thanks to Jim Diers for sharing). 

The above text is provided by Peter Kenyon & Maria D’Souza
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Source: Inspiring Community Responses to COVID-19 Around the World

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