Cyber security for startups and small businesses with remote working

Why do cyber security now?

Some, if not all, of your business and its operations involve digital and/or internet connected tools and processes. Having the means to manage cyber risks in your organisation, and ensure your suppliers and partners are not exposing you to unnecessary cyber risk, is always important.

Finding the time and resource to do it can be challenging, but even more so during a crisis.  When you have staff working remotely, it’s critical that you protect your organisation and people from cyber attack.

This is because it reduces cost and manages risk to reputation if you are compromised. In a crisis, it also ensures that as your organisation recovers, you’re ready to grow in ways that are more trusted and assured.

Where to start?

  • Have a good understanding about where your organisation’s cyber readiness is at by using a tool that’s easy to use and won’t take up much time.
  • Cynch Security’s Cyber Fitness online platform is specifically built for Australian micro and small business. They’ve also published a workbook that can help you record your decisions on how you’ll make things available remotely.

Read up on authoritative practical advice. This factsheet complies a list of actions from these to help you act quickly, with the assurance you’re on the right track.

Here are some useful articles on business sustainment more broadly:

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Source: AustCyber Australian Cyber Security Growth Network