Deloitte Australia: Combating COVID-19 with resilience

A collection of Deloitte Insights to help businesses manage and mitigate the risk associated with Covid-19.

COVID-19 policy responses in Australia – This report provides a summary of major policy responses to the Covid-19 pandemic by Federal government and all states and territories as at 25 March 2020. These primarily cover health, civic and economic measures to support individuals, households and businesses.

Safe Harbour and the impact of COVID-19 – Public policy measures introduced to contain the spread of Covid-19 are resulting in a significant operational disruption for many businesses. Many businesses are facing a protracted and unexpected period of poor trading. This Safe Harbour resource offers directors the opportunity to assess the current and expected trajectory of their business, and work with an experienced, appropriately qualified advisor (or team of advisors) to develop and implement a course of action that may assist with avoiding formal administration, whilst protecting them from insolvent trading claims as they attempt a restructure or other solution.

COVID-19 Resilient Leadership – This resource gives an overview of the qualities of resilient leaders, what they do, actions they take in a crisis, and the evaluation and learnings from actions based on case study examples.

The heart of resilient leadership. Responding to COVID-19 – This resource provides the pooled insights of Deloitte leaders in affected areas around the world to provide practical insights for chief executives and their leadership teams in taking appropriate action to the COVID-19 crisis. It outlines the fundamental qualities of resilient leadership and the three time frames over which a typical crisis plays out, giving case example learnings from leading companies and an action guide.

Tactial Action Plan – This Crisis Management resource provides a framework for responding effectively to Covid-19 in order to survive and thrive.

COVID-19 Virtual Office. Best Practice for Virtual Teams – This resource is a guide to how to empower staff to work differently, how to set up and run remote work and virtual teams, and best practice in effectively creating a virtual office ecosystem.

Helping SMEs navigate tax and relief concessions – This resource provides an overview of immediate concessions and relief measures available to Australian SMEs with an aggregated annual turnover of $50M and is designed to help you manage your business’s potential cashflow challenges and plan for the recovery.

Source: Deloitte Australia