COVID-19: Updates on Department of Transport Services (WA)

COVID-19 Hub

Stay up to date with changes to DoT services related to COVID-19.


Learning to drive

Updates and advice for learner drivers and supervisors during the COVID-19 pandemic.>PDAs

Practical Driving Assessments (PDAs)

Find out about changes to Practical Driving Assessments (PDAs) during COVID-19.>LICENCES

Licensing, registrations and renewals

The latest updates and changes to our licensing, registrations and renewals due to COVID-19.>CONTACT

Contacting DoT

Keep up to date with how some of our services have changed during COVID-19.>BOATING

Recreational boating advice

Find out about the WA Government’s directions regarding recreational boating during COVID-19.>ECONOMIC PACKAGES

Business and industry

Find out about the financial assistance provided to business and industry by the WA Government in response to COVID-19.

Source: The Government of WA Department of Transport

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