Actions by Local Governments in the Perth Metropolitan Area

Peter Kenyon from Bank of I.D.E.A.S. lists actions by local Governments in the Perth Metropolitan area below.

Perth local governments; including – 

  • COVID-19 call centres
  • Welfare check on all 65+ residents
  • Seconding staff to local community organisations to assist with actions like food delivery to vulnerable residents
  • One-on-one business welfare checks and consultations
  • Acceleration of major construction and ‘shovel ready’ works projects to enable local job creation
  • Library book delivery services
  • Planning for reactivation of public spaces and CBD areas
  • Slashing service and parking charges for businesses
  • Rent relief
  • Financial grant support payments to local organisations.

To read further about the actions by local Governments in Perth click here: from-pay-cuts-to-care-packages-what-councils-across-perth-are-doing-for-you

Source: WA Today

Provided by: Peter Kenyon
Bank of I.D.E.A.S.
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